A sacred place for worship and reflection for both the Jersey City and Saint Peter’s University communities.

Who is St. Aedan?

Saint AedanAedan, also known as Maedoc, was born in Connacht, Ireland around 550, and exercised his pastoral ministry in Ferns, County Wexford, until his death on January 31, 632.

There is a tradition that as a young man, he studied in Leinster and under the direction of St. David, Bishops of Menevia, in Pen-brokesshire Wales. He returned to Ireland around 580, and having received a grant of land from Brandrub, king of Leinster, Aedan build a monastery a Ferns. It is said that he had a great capacity of making friends. He attracted many followers. So he founded monasteries at Drumlane (County Caven) and Rossinver (County Leitrim).

When it was agreed in a synod that Ferns be made a diocese, Aedan was ordained its first bishop in 598. He is credited with having evangelized many people and having established thirty churches in County Wexford.

Many miracles were attributed to him including walking on water, changing leaves into loaves of fish and bringing a dead girl back to life.

His staff is kept in the National Museum in Dublin; other relics with satchel are in the Armagh Cathedral.