A sacred place for worship and reflection for both the Jersey City and Saint Peter’s University communities.

Prayer to St. Aedan

Saint Aedan

Glorious St. Aedan, / you generously answered God’s call / to dedicate your life / in the ministry of His people. / He blessed you with gifts / to bring many people / to the faith in God’s redeeming live / that sent us His only begotten Son Jesus / to become one of us / so that we can become more like Him, / as God’s adopted children, / all brothers and sisters in on Heavenly Father.

By your prayers and intercession / obtain for us, your devotees, / those graces and blessings / that will make us persevere in our baptismal calling faithfully / to live our faithfully, / share it with others generously / and serve in our Church joyfully.

Look graciously on our families / and obtain for each one of us / a deep respect for life and for one another / and like the child Jesus of Nazareth, / make us “grow in age, / in wisdom, / and grace / before God and Man.” (Lk 2:52)

As a zealous pastor of the Church, / inspire us to be loyal to our Church, / to persevere in our commitment / to love and sever our brothers and sisters in the”body of Christ/” (Eph 1:23)

As a wonder worker, / like our Lord who went around …. “proclaiming the Gospel … / and curing every disease and illness” (Mt. 9:35) / you made God’s healing love / felt by those who were sick and suffering; / continue to work wonders for our people / suffering from any ailment in the body, / in the mind or in the spirit; / the poor, the marginalized, the desperate, especially those for whom we now pray ….. (Pause)

As a builder of Churches, / help us. The living stones of Christ’s church, / to work untiringly for that love and unity / which our Lord prayed / “that all may be one as You Father are in Me and I in You” (Jn 17:21) / so that our community may enjoy God’s love, peace and harmony.

For those needs which we can mention only in the depths of our hearts….(Pause in silence for personal intentions) / do obtain them for us / for our Heavenly Father, that giver of all good gift / who with the Son and the Holy Sprit lives and reigns, / one God forever and ever. Amen

Concluding Prayer

God our Father, / through your prophet Jeremiah, You promised us: / “ I will give you shepherds after my own heart, / and they shall feed you on knowledge and sound teaching.” (Jer. 3:15)

You called Aedan of Ferns / to be a bishop in Your Church / and a shepherd after Your own heard. / Continue to give us shepherds and pastors / after Your own heard, / sacramentally pious, / charitably conscientious / and pastorally zealous.

By the merits and intercession of St. Aedan, our patron, / graciously listen to our prayers / and grant us our needs, / through Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, / who lives and reigns with You, and the Holy Spirit, / one God forever and ever. Amen.