A sacred place for worship and reflection for both the Jersey City and Saint Peter’s University communities.

Advent II

Posted on December 3rd, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Stir up in us, O God of peace and mercy,
A sincere desire for repentance,
So that, baptized with the Holy Spirit,
And enkindled by the fire of your love,
We may bring to every place and nation
The justice, gentleness and peace
Which the birth of Jesus, your Word,
Has brought to the face of the Earth.

Advent I

Posted on November 26th, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Merciful and faithful God,
You sent your Son Jesus
To gather the warring nations of the world
Into the peace of your everlasting kingdom.
Stir up in us a spirit of joyful expectation
That we may run to greet Jesus, the Light of the World,
When he comes in glory to save us.

Christ the King

Posted on November 20th, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Almighty God,
You have rescued us from the power of darkness,
And brought us into the Kingdom of your Son.
Grant that we may walk with him,
Laying down our lives, as he did,
For our sisters and brothers,
In the sure and certain hope
That Jesus will remember us when he comes into his Kingdom,
And share with us the glory of Paradise.

New life

Posted on November 5th, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Almighty God,
Source of all life, in this world and the next,
Before you even the dead are alive:
Grant that the word of your Son
May bear fruit in us,
So that both in life and in death
We may give praise to you,
And we may be strengthened
By eternal comfort and good hope.


Posted on October 22nd, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Almighty God,
We thank you for the goodness and compassion
Which you show us in Jesus Christ.
Look upon us as we come to you,
Humble and repentant.
As we open our hearts
To trust in your steadfast love and mercy,
Help us to be compassionate toward one another.


Posted on October 8th, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Almighty God,
Fountain of life in this world and the next,
Please give us your Spirit.
Increase our faith in your power to save, and
Increase our gratitude
So that we may always give thanks to you.
Let the whole Church bear living witness
To the salvation which you offer us
Through our Lord Jesus Christ,
Who lives and reigns with you
In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
One God, forever and ever. Amen.


Posted on October 1st, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Almighty God,
We give you thanks,
For you hear our prayers,
Even when our faith is the size of a mustard seed.
Give us your Spirit,
That we may work with all our strength
For the growth of your Kingdom.
We are the servants whom you have called
In order to show the world
The wonders which your love has already accomplished.


Posted on September 17th, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

Almighty God,
you have called us to serve you as the one and only God.
Take pity on our human condition, and
Save us from the seduction of riches.
Let the sincerity of our worship
Be matched by our commitment to justice.
In a world where money rules supreme,
May you alone be our Master, and
May we take delight in serving one another.


Posted on September 10th, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

O God of compassionate love,
You tell us that you are like —
A shepherd, who carries his lost sheep home…
A woman, who sweeps the house to find a single coin…
A father, who watches with hope for his son to return.
Likewise in Jesus you come searching for us.

May we never forget how much we are loved.
May we never refuse to love others as much.
May the world rejoice in your endless patience
And wondrous forgiveness.

This we pray through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Posted on August 26th, 2016 by Rev. John Hyatt, S.J.

O God of compassion,
Not for a place of honor
Did Jesus come among us,
But to invite to the wedding feast
The poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame.
By the power of your Spirit
Help us to recognize Jesus
In the little, the lowly and the suffering,
Seeing in them our sisters and brothers
Whom you welcome to your table.